Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sarah Palin......Political Pit Bull or Hockey Mom?

Republican Presidential nominee John McCain threw us all a curve ball by announcing Alaska's Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate just before the RNC. I applaud this decision. I must admit, I was afraid at first that this appointment was just a ploy to get the "female vote", now that Hillary was completely out of the race. (I was very worried about Hillary being any where near the White House again, anyway.) And I am tickled to death that the Republicans finally nominated a woman for our country's second highest office. The Dems have done it before (Geraldine Ferraro), and we all know how that one turned out. But to finally have a Presidential nominee that I have great respect for nominate a female mother of young children as his running mate is astounding to me. All I can say is, Maverick/Barracuda "08!!

There is all this controversy about Governor Palin's political resume, her oldest daughter & infant son. (You can read more about this on my brother's blog, Hard Reset. Blatant nepotism, I know!) Some say that she doesn't have the chops to be V.P.. Well, what state or country has Obama ever run? And then the Dems attack a 17 year old girl (who's unplanned pregnancy should never have become fodder for the political grist mill) and say her Down Syndrome infant brother is, in actuality, her son! Are they kidding me with this??? First, with all the media coverage that particular political office receives, do the Dems really think that the Governor of Alaska could fake a pregnancy to protect her eldest child? And do they truly think that the American people are so unintelligent that we would believe that a teenager gave birth to a Down Syndrome baby? (Down Syndrome is a very rare occurrence in babies of young mothers) Not to mention the questioning of this baby boy's parentage. Since when did the "for the people, by the people" & "it takes a village to raise a child" Liberal Left deem a young girl & a mentally disabled infant fair game?? All this proves is their desperation as a political party & their willingness to resort to tabloid journalism tactics to undermine an opponent. (I think they just might be a little scared now)

Gov. Palin is honestly just campaigning to do what all of us Moms do everyday already, run our families. Some of you may think that is too simplistic a description for the job of Vice President, however, it is true if you think about it. Moms negotiate daily with iron willed children to get them to eat their veggies, clean their messes & play nice. In my opinion, this is not much different than negotiating with some unyielding political committee or immature head of state. She has to make & stick to a household budget & referee any familial disagreements. She will to do what's right for our country, just the same as she would do for her own family. In my opinion, she is the right fit for John McCain & this nation. Hockey Moms ROCK!!!

I heard something this past week-end that just boggles my mind.....The Dem PTB want Hilary Clinton to debate Sarah Palin. WTF???? When did a failed Presidential run get you the right to debate the V.P. nominee? Are they afraid that Gov. Palin will "rip " Sen. Biden "a new one" (she will) or do they think that a poor, fragile female cannot hold her own against a man? (she most certainly can) So much for the Left being the "progressive " party!

And along this same vein..... Oprah has announced that she will not have Gov. Palin on her show before the election. Why not? Yes, we all know she is endorsing Obama, but isn't she also a journalist? Shouldn't she be impartial about this & give McCain/Palin the same chance she has given Obama/Biden? What happened to her whole "finding your own path," "truth in television," & "presenting all the facts," thing? To me, her refusal to interview Sarah Palin smacks of forcing the American people to swallow Democratic "truth", not presenting her viewers with both sides & letting them decide for themselves who they want to vote for. Oh, sorry, I forgot....Oprah speaks, the masses follow.

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Anonymous said...

The baby has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, not Down Syndrome. And actually reading your blog, you do seem dumb enough to believe whatever crap Palin/McCain put out there.

babyrocasmama said...

So, what, do you get your "facts" from a combination of The Enquirer & Daily Kos? The baby has Down Syndrome (see link). You are probably one of those who believes Bristol Palin is Trig's Mommy too, huh?

Wow! Talk about someone dumb enough to believe whatever is put out there?! Did you research this? Obviously not or you would know that Fetal Alcohol Syndrome only occurs when the mother is a raging alcoholic.

Or is that what you are saying? Are you insinuating that Sarah Palin is an alcoholic? (Oh, sorry, you must mean Bristol is one, since you think SHE is Trig's mom!)Hey, I don't care if you have different opinions or political views than I, but don't attack children & don't slander anyone. And also have the courage to post your name & stand behind what you said, not cower behind "Anonymous" because it makes you feel superior.
(Or you don't want anyone to find out how stupid you really are!)


KSS said...

Another kool-aid drinker. Ignore him/her/it. Always wonderful to see the tolerance of the party of inclusiveness and tolerance ain't it? Only thing they tolerate is those who agree with them.


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