Monday, November 10, 2008

Ahh, Damn!! Say it isn't so...He's one of MINE...

He's Black Irish....Craptastic!!

And here's a bouncy, fun, Guinness~fueled sing~a~long...

This is just perfect! Could this be any worse for a staunch Republican/Libertarian second generation Irish~American girl? Only if Obama was Catholic or Protestant or a member of Sinn Fein or the damn I.R.A.!!


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80sMom said...

Hi! You posted at my Trapped in the 80s Moms blog this week and I was so impressed with what you wrote that I wanted to check out your blog.

I, too, am a Libertarian and appreciate everything you wrote, I could have written that post! I like to shy away from putting too much politics in my blog, since its not about that, but I just wanted to personally thank you for your comments and say that I wholeheartedly agree!!

We have a lot in common, I am also a stay at home 38 year old mom, my last kid just started school this year, so I am finally free to find out about myself again ;-)

I also had no childcare, and little help from family, grandparents out of state, when they were babies. So take faith in knowing this - one day you WILL come out the other end of this!!

I hope you come back to my blog from time to time, I'm bookmarking yours!

Queenie Jeannie said...


Roberta said...

I like your blog but did you know your blog takes agggggges to load and I think the culprit is the header photograph -- it's is more than HALF A MEGABYTE! That's waaaay bigger than it should be (about 10x). Just letting you know.

Wendyburd1 said...

Rock Springfeild...really? Well he pops up on one of my soaps GH. I am 1/4 Irish and quite proud of it, I get it from both sides!!:)


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