Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Used To Want To Take A Vacation Here. Now, Not So Much!!

I have always dreamed of taking great vacation to Australia. Not just because it is the birthplace of my favorite performer, ever, the truly generous, extremely talented, absolutely gorgeous, fine, smokin' hot Rick Springfield, but because of the accents (which I adore), the fact that you can go in winter & it is summer there, that I absolutely love Australian black comedy films (Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Muriel's Wedding) & my all-time favorite...because the toilet water spins the counterclockwise when you flush! (Yes, I am way left of center. But if you are a regular reader, you knew that already. Now pick your jaw up off the floor & don't get all shocked about what I find cool & funny!)

I am rather a bit creeped out by these GIANT effing SPIDERS! Especially since the thing is eating a bird, and not a little tiny one, either. A big freakin' bird. Being eaten by an even larger SPIDER! {This is the Australian Golden Orb Weaver Spider}


I found these pictures at Surfer Jerry's blog. He says he is dedicated to finding the strange & bizarre on the internet, which intrigued me because he found me on Blogcatalog & made me his friend! I wonder if he thinks I am strange & bizarre? I am, but that's not the point!

Now, I don't know if these things can eat a human, but I bet it could make you hurt. A lot. And I am almost certain now that "the dingo didn't take the baby", one of these flippin
spiders did! {Extra points to anyone who can identify the movie & actress that the "dingo" line came from. Come on, show me that I am not the only plethora of odd, useless information in the blogosphere!}

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ashley broomall said...

holy eek! i think i will probably have nightmares tonight. that freaks me out and totally changes my view on australlia. it now freaks me out big time! and sorry i can't remember what movie that line comes from. but i can tell you that that spider is seriously creeping me out!

Queenie Jeannie said...

OK, great! Thanks alot (NOT!) for the nightmare fodder!!!

Holy crap that's a big freaking spider. I don't wanna go to Australia now......thanks!

(ya brat!!!)

babyrocasmama said...

*evil laugh*


zo said...

a chorus line of 200 dancing naked ed asners

Anonymous said...

Love Rick! Hate the spider! Ewww!

babyrocasmama said...

Oh, Zo, you & your fascinatiion with nekkid Ed Asner...I really think it might be becoming a problem for you.

Maybe we should get you some professional help!

BTW, it seems like you follow me on your reader or RSS thingy...so why not just become one of my regular followers, too? (I only have 3...*sniff*) Anna did...you could tease her about grabbing RS's butt even more now!

MUAH!! See you in chat later.


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