Sunday, November 23, 2008

MomDot Blog Party: Day 7

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Tell us who is on your naughty list? Who is on your nice list? Why?

Well that's a loaded question if I ever heard one!! Let's see...

  • My SIL, because she has no idea what the true meaning of Christmas is nor does she have any idea of how to be nice & let people live their own lives. Truly. Don't believe me? Go read this post.
  • All of those people who think they own the whole damn road.
  • Osama Bin Laden
  • Corporate executives who lay off good people, ask for Federal bailouts & either walk away from a failing business with a Golden Parachute or get ridiculous Christmas/Annual bonuses for doing so.
  • Mean people in general
  • My husband will be, if he doesn't buy a vowel & figure out that, no, I cannot help the bitchies when I am on my period. And if he doesn't stop patronizing me & telling me to "dial the period back", not only will Santa put coal in his stocking, he is going to lose a prized appendage!
My nice list...

  • My daughter, of course
  • My best friends Carol, Angela, C.C. & Sarah
  • My Husband...if he behaves!

Those are my lists. Who's on your naughty & nice lists?


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