Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Daughter should be a Child-Proofing Product Tester...

My daughter, we'll call her "Houdina", has the innate ability to make all child safety equipment non-functional.

She can make this

look like this.

And she can make this

look like this.

And no, she didn't learn how to use the child proofing items. No, something much, much better than that. She learned how to take them apart! She disabled them by removing them completely & therefore getting into things/places I was trying to keep her out of in the first place!

Don't believe that she's a little "Houdina"? Go check out this post.

Here is my question, why do they call it "child proofing" if the child can remove said safety devices from what it was intended to keep her safe from???? If my 3 year old can disable these things, don't you think they need to find a better way to make them?

I have a proposal for Safety 1st, One Step Ahead & Parents...let my daughter test out your baby/child proofing products, and believe me, they will be thoroughly tested, let us give you suggestions on improving them that you actually implement & you then make some contributions to her college fund.

It's a win/win find out if the equipment is actually viable & Baby Roca's college fund gets a little fatter. Harvard is expensive, you know! I really think that is only fair, considering that if you do not come out with better devices, she may not make it to the Ivy League intact!!

I almost forgot, she can also transform a perfectly good, brand new miniature Sleeping Beauty doll into a headless, armless creature that not even Daddy can fix. Now an age appropriate toy has been rendered a choking hazard by The Amazing Miss Ro!!

And y'all wondered why I named my blog Last Shreds Of Sanity???!!!! HA!!

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Court said...

I feel for you. Mind disabled our baby gate. The sad this is I can't figure out those door knob things to save my life!


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