Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hey, Remember These Guys?

Well, they have their very own brand new special that is airing today on ABC Family at 5 PM PDT. Don't miss out! Maybe Rudolph will be in this one, too!

I love Christmas!


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Julia said...

Those guys used to freak me out! I think they used to give me nightmares for weeks after Christmas LOL. Cracks me up now though.

ChicagoLady said...

My favorite stop animation cartoon from my childhood was The Year Without A Santa Claus, simply because of Heat Miser and Snow Miser. A friend got me a snowglobe a few years back of the two of them. That's one of the few Christmas decorations I still put out.

I watched the special, and it was ok. Too bad the voice of Snow Miser had to be different, but I guess the original voice died or didn't want to participate. I still like the original better.


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