Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Want To Know...

I kind of stole this from Black Betty who did this a few weeks back...but I want to know from you, my dear readers, what was the worst gift you ever received?

Have you ever been re~gifted? Have you ever re~gifted?

I want all the juicy details. I have had some doozies. Really.

I will start you off...

One year, my SIL gave my hu
sband & I a joint gift from her family. It was a basket filled with toilet paper, odd flavors of Campbell's soup, boxed Mac 'n Cheese, 2 liter bottles of Coca~Cola, other odds & ends & cans of potted meat.

Yep, that's right, I said potted meat.

She was actually proud of herself. She said she just kept on stuffing more things in there until she was afraid it would break

In 2002, my MIL gave me back the boxed set of Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles that I had given her 3 years prior. It was unopened & dusty. I was pissed.

So the next Christmas, our local paper ran a story asking readers to call in with their re~gifting stories. My Husband found this & encouraged me to call in with my story. I did & was the featured story on the front page of the Christmas Eve edition of the paper. My picture was there & everything!

She's never re~gifted me again, but now both my MIL & SIL give me gift certificates to stores I would never shop at, even though they ask for a list from me every year. NIICE!
There may be a virtual prize involved in this, so get to commenting! I will post the best entry on Monday, December 22nd.
Merry Christmas!
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Kristina P. said...

Ha! I totally regifted a gift to the giver last year. Except I didn't know it.

I had found this children's book in my house, in pristine condition, and figured my nephew would like it. I didn't know where it came from. Anyway, I gave that to him, along with something else, and as they opened it, my SIL said, "Hey, we lost that book!"

Come to find out, they had left it in our car when they used it while we were out of town. My husand brought it in, but didn't tell me. That was fun. They did laugh about it, actually!

Abi said...

Hehehe funny post :)

The worst presents...hm they're usually from my Aunty, she's a little (a lot) eccentric.

I remember one year, I was 12, she bought me knickers. Sloggi knickers - granny shaped knickers. The worst thing though, was that I was a UK size 8-10 and she got me them in size...... 18. And three different packs, so no mistake.

Christa said...

Worst gift was an identity bracelet from an ex-boyfriend with my name spelled wrong.


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