Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My First Blog Contest....Tell Me....

Now that Christmas is over, and everyone has gotten (and opened) all their presents, I would like to know what was the worst gift you received? I tried to do this the week before Christmas, but I only got a couple of responses, so I just kind of let it sit. You can check out that post, my SIL's previous horrible gift to us & the comments here.

I will tell you mine...my SIL wrapped up (bagged up, actually) 2 cans of Rosarita Pinto beans, 3 packages of chicken flavored Top Ramen, 2 bags of Goldfish crackers, 2 boxes of strawberry Jello, two packages of Hunt's pudding cups & gave it to my Husband and I as a Christmas gift. The only saving grace from that "present" is that she included a gift certificate to Stater Bros. Grocery store for $25. That alone would have been a fine "family" gift, but she had to go and get "creative" or mean, depending on how you look at it, and give us "food" that really isn't appropriate for my family.

My Hubs (her baby brother) has high cholesterol and can't have things with high salt & cholesterol content.
You would think she would know this, being that she has more medical knowledge than I do, being the receptionist in a medical office and all (I am being fecitious, she has had NO schooling at all, not even as a medical assistant), and I am just a lowly Psych Nurse.

So come on, get to commenting (entering my first ever blog contest) & tell me all about it. And remember, it can be from any Christmas, birthday, anniversary, etc.. I just want to know who got the worst gift. I will post the winner's response on Sunday, January 5, 2009 & reveal the prize that he/she won.

Please note: All entries from the previous attempt at this contest are still eligible for this new incarnation of said contest. So, Abi, your 10 sizes too big knickers from your aunt are still a contender for the winning entry.
Happy New Year!!

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Queenie Jeannie said...

That really sucks hun! I always wonder what goes through their minds when they do stooopid stuff like that! HUGS!!

I didn't get any bad presents because I always buy my own, lol! No surprises that way, but no disappointments either. It kind ticks Thomas off but he isn't very good at picking out gifts.

I hope I win! It's my birthday on the 4th, lol.

Pamela said...

Well, I have to say it's not a Christmas gift. But for my anniversary this year, which was just this past Sunday, My mom & dad thought that a card would be enough. That's okay by me as I understand money can be tight. But, that's not what ticked me off. Her reasoning was that since she bought the kids bunk beds 2 months ago, that she and dad thought they would consider that our gift! I'm sorry, but itsn't an anniversary gift suppose to be special...for the couple only? Not that I'm not greatful for the bunk beds, but that was a gift for them...no strings attached. Well, apparently there were hidden strings! GRRRR! Ok..done w/ my rant! :)

The Head Eagle said...

I worst gift this year....Nothing was too horrible (and there have been some doozies over the decades). I did however get a pair of home-made pajama pants. (I will be kind and not say who made them. But I will say..she's not MY MOTHER) that are at least 3 feet too long, too tight at the knees, and cut off circulation at the waist while being baggy enough between my waist and knees to provide shelter to a 100lb watermelon. If I would have pulled them up far enough, they would have made for great maternity pants. (If one could get past the pattern of the fabric). Eek!

The Daily Dean Chronicals said...

I always giggle when I think of the "horrible" gifts I have recieved, but 1 in particular stands out! In 1998 about 1 year after the birth of my daughter, my Hubby gave me a vaccuum. Fine, I can use a vaccuum, but he made a special direction list on how to use it! It was not a joke, he really wanted me to know how to use it! He even drew pictures...lol! That caused a big argument and no ever since it's a running joke! When I use the vaccuum now and he is around he will say, don't forget to plug it in! Ha haha

Julia said...

My worst gift ever was a matching pair of plastic jackalopes covered in a soft fake velvet, each about 20 inches in height. This was for real. They were wrapped with sincerity from the gifter like they were gold. And a jackalope is a rabbit with antlers on its head, for those who are not wise in the way of the prairie where an antelope "rapes" a rabbit. My brother laughed for an hour after I opened them. We could not make him stop until tears were streaming down his eyes... Meanwhile, I held this pair of...? what was I supposed to do with them???

babyrocasmama said...

OK, you guys are giving me laughing fits!

*Jeannie,* you can't win unless you enter with a bad gift story, sorry! But Happy early Birthday!

*Pamela,*your Mom could have just let it go at the card! Dang! LOL I don't expect an anniversary gift from my family anyway. It is kind of a Husband & kids get you the presents, don't you think? LOL

*ME* homemade PJ pants??? WOW! LOL

*Daily Dean* a vacuum with detailed, graphically enhanced instructions? LMAO!

*Julia* a matching set of velvet flocked jackalopes? Now that is funny, but what makes it even funnier is your brother laughing himself to tears for an hour! ROTFLMAO!!

And I thought the gifts my SIL gave us were bad! Holy Crap!!:-P

Jessica_rdgz@live.com said...

My worst gift ever was about 4 years ago for Christmas. My mom and dad are really good at getting things that my siblings and I REALLY want so, we were expecting a really awesome Christmas. It turned out that way.. except for with me. My older sister got a car; my younger brothers got an Xbox, a Playstation 2, and some games; and I got a lovely.... *Wait for it*... TOILET SEAT! Yep, a toilet seat. My mom's reasoning was that everyone else in the house had a comfy plush toilet seat except for me so, she thought I'd like to not get my butt cold every morning. Just so happened my then b/f (hubby now) was there for Christmas. Nice, right?


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