Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm Looking For Some Bloggy Love...

I got this in my in box last night from my friend Courtney over at blogging*matilda. Please go visit. Donate if you can. But please pray for this family either way.


Blogging is a wonderful thing. It creates a space that we can all share our lives, trials and tribulations. It connects random strangers with the best of intentions. Every time we need to share, find consolation, or laugh we turn to each other. The greatest thing is the fact that among us all we have the ability to reach out to thousands, even millions of people (if you’re Dooce). I follow your blogs religiously, and nothing provides me with as much entertainment as you all do. But now, I am turning to you for a little help.

One of my oldest girlfriends, Toni, needs help. Her husband and two children were in a car accident with a tractor trailer truck. Her husband took the brunt of the injuries while trying to maneuver the car to protect his children. The kids are ok, and are only suffering from broken bones. Jamie, her husband, was not as lucky, and is on a long road to recovery. This weekend there is a benefit being held in my hometown to raise money for the family, and the medical expenses that they are facing. Times are tight for everybody. We are all feeling the pinch, however, I am trying to raise as much money as possible to present to them this weekend at the spaghetti dinner fundraiser.

I have posted a widget on my blog to accept donations for the family. I am reaching out to my fellow bloggers in hopes that you might take a moment of your time to repost this information and ask your loyal readers to help out this young, struggling family in their time of need.

Thanks for your time,

Courtney at Blogging Matilda

Go on now...go visit. Please say an extra prayer or two for this family. Everyone can use some more prayers. Thank you all for reading this post.
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