Thursday, January 8, 2009

This Is Too Funny...

At 7:49 pm PST, we had a magnitude 5.0 earthquake centered approximately 15 miles from my house. It was loud. It was jarring. It scared the heck out of The Diva & the cat. Now she is afraid of another earthquake. She keeps saying "Mommy, be careful of the earthquake. Another one is coming!"

My theory? My Mother's plane must have landed.
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Jo said...

hehe - when I was little (living in the same area that earthquake just hit) after the Northridge quake (I think... it was that one) my brother and I slept under the table for a week!

Dinah said...

felt an earthquake just this hour, and being almost at the top of a 47-floor building is not fun during one either!

Queenie Jeannie said...

I sure hope she doesn't know about your blog, lol!!

I got great sleep - good news!

I have a dirty house - bad news!

I can come here and share a giggle - PRICELESS!!!!!

ChicagoLady said...

I guess the rest of the country is getting used to you having earthquakes, I hadn't heard anything about it here. Now I have to go see what I can find out about it, to make sure my aunt is ok.

blueviolet said...

Well, if the earthquake was so scared I'm just glad you can still crack a joke!

Cheryl Podolsky said...

"My mother's plane must have landed" -- that's an instant classic, lol!

babyrocasmama said...

I love you guys!!!

Thank you for your comments.

ChicagoLady- I hope your Aunt is OK.

There really wasn't any damage, no major damage anyway. Just rattled nerves & a few cracks in the stucco.

But the news did say that the Victoria's Secret at a mall closer to the epicenter had to stay late to clean up all the spilled perfume/glass items, etc. before they could open today.

I bet that smelled wonderful! LOL

My husband and I have a saying for those kind of perfume smells...Old French Whore! LOL As in you smell like one! Sometimes I crack myself up...

Cheryl- thanks for the kudos. *bows*

Jeannie- You are always welcome here. Glad I can give you a giggle every now & again.

Joelle & Dinah- that's life in earthquake country.

blueviolet-If you can't find the humor in something, what's the point?

Court said...

Check my post tom. morning there will be an award for you!


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