Friday, February 13, 2009

MomDot Party Tonight!!! Make Friday the 13th A Good Thing....

Want to win some cool stuff and have fun at the same time? Come along with me to the MomDot Friday Night LIVE Blog Party tonight.

Don't be late...

Here is a sneak Peek of our generous sponsors and what you can look forward to on Friday Night Live. Be here at 8:30 Central time on Friday the 13th to WIN BIG with MomDot:



Things Remembered

Casio Watch (courtesy of MommyGoggles)

Flip Ultra (courtesy of The Posh Parent)




Fruit Rollups

And of course

Dyson Divas

We would love you to BLOG about this special One Night Only LIVE Blog Party. The more that show up, the more we can bring on additional sponsors..its win, win!

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Bee and Rose said...

Crud! I am so mad I missed this! Umpf! Oh well...maybe next time:(

On a brighter note...Happy Valentine's Day!


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