Tuesday, February 10, 2009


{I totally stole this video from my Big Bro...but hey, it's family, so its OK!}

Maxine Waters is THE worst kind of Representative. Really. And she is from my state, so I have heard her crap for YEARS. She even once said that Crack was conjured up by the U.S. Government/CIA and released into the streets of South Central L.A. as a way to get rid of black people! {Or maybe it was Barbara Boxer...no she's the one who writes bad checks.}

Maybe she should go down south and become Hugo Chavez's Ho? After all, he's a Socialist too, not a bloodthirsty, civil rights ignoring, power mongering, U.S. hating dictator!

Pay close attention to the female Representative to her right....her reaction is PRICELESS!!!

Oh, how I pray for just one good Republican, female Senator and Representative from my state...Is that too much to ask? This is exactly why some men think women should not be in government! {And Mary Bono doesn't count...}
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Missy said...

You are too funny! Right, but funny!

Mel said...

If only I could be as succinict as you...you state what i believe but doing it not as long winded as I am.

ChicagoLady said...

Maxine Waters, Barbara Boxer, San Fran Nan, get rid of all of 'em! They're giving women a bad name! I think the male senator between the two women was also laughing, we just couldn't see him when he leaned back.

Did you hear San Fran Nan told reporters that 500 million people lose their jobs every month? With only 300 million people in this country, I don't think it's possible. Maybe she misspoke? Or maybe she's just an idiot?

Queenie Jeannie said...

I'm so glad I know you hun....because I was thinking ALL the people in Cali were weirdo, liberal, anti-US freaks!!!

And yeah, having your colleagues laugh at your stupid ass IS priceless!!

Bruce said...

If you are waiting for a 'good' politician, you had better be ready for a long wait.

Also you go nuts with the fonts lol. interesting style.


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