Monday, April 20, 2009

You Know The Economy Really Sucks When...

They put a commercial like this on T.V.

Did y'all get the double entendres in that spot? So Trojan Condoms is trying to say that the economy is so bad that your unemployed-living in your parents basement-playing WOW all day long-ass does not need to be having a baby you can't afford to take care of, but you should still be getting your freak on, safely? Alrighty, then. They did fail to mention that condoms do not protect against the HPV virus {the leading cause of cervical cancer}.

This is really a sad, sad time for advertising in this society, as evidenced, again, by this next little gem...

Those crazy Brits have taken the maintenance of the female lawn, ahem, lower lady lump, ahem, naughty bits to a Whole. 'Nother. Level. {Yes, I think this is funny}

So we need to mow the lawn to make ourselves feel better and sexier, huh? If we do this then we will suddenly feel lighter and fresher? How long do you think it took those ad execs to come up with all those euphemisms for the female nether regions? OH LAWDY BE! What will they allow on TV next? {I do realize that this particular commercial is shown in the UK and not here, but I am sure that our own, more in your face commercials are not too far behind.} And, while I find this commercial hilarious, this would never be allowed on American TV. Then again, the FCC censors let the Quiznos "stick it in me" commercial pass...


ChicagoLady said...

LMAO! That mow the lawn commercial was hysterical, but you're right, it would never be allowed on tv here.

"So all that's left for me to see are two lips on the mound"


LadyStyx said...



LadyStyx said...

Just for that advert, you best be grabbing the award I have on my page for your very own!


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