Thursday, June 25, 2009

Asylum Announcements


This Saturday, June 27, 2009 is another edition of Shan's Week~End Wordles. Just click the button above for instructions on how to participate {A video tutorial has been added for those of you who are still confuseled}. I hope to see you all there.

I have mad skillz, y'all! I totally rock!
The powers-that-be actually gave me a day pass away from The Asylum {for once!} and guess what happened? {drum roll please...} I am now an official contributing author at Woo Hoo! This proves that I do have talent and completely frigging ROCK!! I even have a cool button to display...see?

You can find my articles & profile here. Every Friday I will have a new article posted. So please come by, read and leave me some comment love/support. Thank you!


Thank you all for being so generous in my raffle! Let's keep it going. Take a look at all the fabulous prizes you can get for a small $3 donation to a worthy cause!

Don't Forget To Enter
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LadyStyx said...

Congrats hunny!

Got my WW on schedule to post Saturday morning. We're leaving tomorrow and going to be outta town for the weekend. Won't be in to visit the blogs until Tuesday or Wednesday (depending on how much stuff I gotta go thru when we get home)


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