Friday, September 4, 2009

Having My Voice Heard By Purex...PRICELESS

Remember this post from last week? The one where I said I would never buy another Purex product because of the disclaimer at the end of's Purex Insiders post? Wouldn't it be cool to have your little voice heard loud and clear out of the cacophony of other blogs? Well, mine actually did and it feels great. I got an email from Stephen, Brand Manager for Purex regarding my article:

Hi Shan --

I'm Stephen, Brand Manager for Purex. I read your recent post on the Purex Insiders program and wanted to reach out to you to share some additional information and answer any questions you might have.

While we value the relationships formed through our Purex Insiders program, our brand's position is to support all mom bloggers in their editorial pursuits, including those who have made the decision to participate in the PR Blackout or not. The views regarding the PR Blackout that appeared on do not reflect the Purex brand's stance in any way.


Stephen Koven
Brand Manager | Purex Complete 3-in-1

I apologized for sounding as if I was slamming Purex. I wasn't. I was calling out the blogger/media company owner who purported herself to represent Purex and had the authority to enforce a "no blackout bloggers" rule. The fact that Mr. Koven took the time not only to read my post, but to email me and clarify Purex's stance on the PR
Blackout, impressed me quite a bit. I am a fairly new blogger with a lil' ol' crazy Mommy blog, barely a blip on the Big Brand radar, but he reached out and let me know my voice been heard. It's a great feeling. Thank you, Mr. Koven, I appreciate this more than you know.

If Purex's Brand Manager has enough class to contact me, then this is a brand I would work with. As I said before, all the Purex Insiders that I know have nothing but positive things to say about them.

However, the blogger {Danielle}/media company I was writing about does not have class, in my opinion. As one of my bloggy friends said "She sounds like one of the mean girls from High School who everyone thought was nice...until you got to know her. Then you quickly ran, far, far away." My prime example is the comment she left on the Purex post:

Hi Shan. Thanks for helping to spread my company's feelings about the PR blackout.

As stated in the email which you published above from our customer service department, we do not claim that our policies are the same as that of the Purex company or of any other company. We feel everyone should set policies for their blogs that are comfortable for them.

Our comment policy is not to publish private questions or concerns publicly, but to respond to them individually (as we did by emailing you to address your concerns).

We're always happy when people can agree to disagree, which is inevitable in such a broad and diverse blogworld. Thanks for being a reader at!

Danelle Ice
Owner, IS World Media
This was not a private question or concern, Danielle. It was a comment regarding an inflammatory and false statement you wrote on your blog {Which has now been changed to something equally as erroneous.} I would have much preferred it had been posted on the article it was written about so that other commenters would have had a chance to read it. But it's your blog, your choice.

I think it was not published because mine was a dissenting voice and pointed out your inaccuracies and prejudice against any blogger who is a part of
. I do find it interesting that you didn't come to my blog until after Purex did, and they sent me an email clarifying the fact that neither you or your company represent them or their policies in any way.

It's amazing that, although you say that you are "always happy to have people agree to disagree", you will not allow any comments on your blog pointing out misleading, false or gossip fueled statements. You also state that "We feel everyone should set policies for their blogs that are comfortable for them", however, you penalize those that do so and perpetuate inaccurate, fallacious, mean spirited claims against one group of bloggers and seemingly refuse to research the truth in order to drive your point home. This is not the behavior of someone who believes in the diversity of the blogosphere.

Yes, very interesting, indeed...


TuTu's Bliss said...

Off to snag some Purex! ;) Hugs, Jen

Queenie Jeannie said...

The one who laughs last laughs best!! Bravo!

LadyStyx said...

Good for you Shan! Yes, it's very nice when the upper levels of a company pay attention to the "little people" and try their best to make things right.

Amanda said...

I don't use Purex for allergy reasons, but that was very cool of them to clarify things to you. They didn't have to, but did anyway. That says a lot about the people working for their brand.


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