Friday, October 24, 2008

One of the funniest things I have ever read...

Go visit this will laugh until you pee your pants!! She is funny, irreverent, intelligent & brutally honest. I only wish I could write like her, and I consider myself a pretty good writer. She is not yet 30, has 7 kids & is on anti-depressants. You do the math!

She posted this on her blog & asked if it was wrong
to laugh hysterically at it!?!?

UMMM, no, Kadi, it IS hilarious! Go visit her.

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Anonymous said...

Having four kids of my own, I can relate to that picture.:)
You mentioned on my blog that your mom is from Snow Hill. That's not too far down the road from me. And, yes, I'm very familiar with Picasa. I normally have no problems turning pictures for my blog, but there was some glitch that night. Maybe I should try it again. I'm so glad you stopped by, and maybe I'll see you again. Shoshannah

Kadi said...

Why, thank you! Please visit me at my new radio show for more insanity:

Every day at 9am PST/11 Central/Noon EST

It's like prozac for your ears!


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