Thursday, October 23, 2008

A little Halloween fun...

Halloween decorations for the crafting impaired:

I found this on a blog called Blogging*Matilda. The pic is actually from White Trash Mom (she has also written a book by the same name). It is, drum roll please...a tampon ghost!!! She just added googly eyes. I really hope she doesn't run out & have to take one of her "creations" down to use. Not sure how the googly eyes would, AHEM, feel!! But if that isn't an example of someone thinking outside the box, I don't know what is!! At least she didn't use a bloody one for this...EEEEEWWWWWWW!!! Her blog is pretty funny though, go have a look.

These are from Pumpkin Gutter. Found the link to this over at Blogging*Matilda, too. This guy is so talented!! But really creepy at the same time...

Who knew you could do that with a pumpkin & a carving knife!! I was lucky if mine was even identifiable! And the teeth on my Jack-o-Lantern always fell out!! Now they have templates & special carving tools.

What happened to the days of using a marker, your Mom's best kitchen knife & a giant spoon to scoop out all the slimy stuff? Last year we carved a witch on our pumpkin using a template. I have to say that it did look really cool! The days of free hand design are long gone. But at least you still bake the pumpkin seeds the same way! Or did I miss the new technology on that one, too?

Some days I feel really old. This is one of those days!!

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