Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Just Got The Coolest Award...

My fabulous friend Court over at Kaiya's Laughter Heals has just bestowed this awesome award (that she made herself) upon me. Isn't it cool?

So I've decided to make a blog-award after I saw how fabulous Zee Maid's new blog looks (oh all that snow is sooo heavenly!) My guidelines were: a blog that looks all Christmased out. Pass on the love to those bloggy gals who have decked their blogs!
She thinks I have one of the most Christmased out blogs she's seen. HeHe! I LOVE Christmas. My favorite seasons are Fall & Winter. Can't you tell by my bloggy template?

I do hope no one is disappointed that the template is permanent, although the Santa's & trees will be going at the end of the season...

So go check out Court's blog (her daughter is adorable) her some comment love, I know you'll like it over there.
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