Monday, December 22, 2008

I Need Some Extra Prayers...

My beloved Aunt is in the hospital with heart arrhythmia problems. Her heart rate keeps jumping from 220/bpm to 30/bpm & back again. She first had this problem about a week before I gave birth to The Diva in March of 2005. Both of her sisters died unexpectedly (in their sleep) from the very same ailment. My Uncle is just beside himself.

They were supposed to fly out on Christmas Day to spend New Year's with my Aunt Mary & Uncle Bob (My Dad's baby brother & wife, the most amazing people you will ever meet.) in Virginia. Obviously that trip has been cancelled. One doctor wants to give her a pacemaker, another says it won't help.

Please say a prayer (or two) for my dear Aunt Lyla & Uncle Bill (he is my Dad's younger brother & the only "Grandpa & Grandma" my daughter has ever known on my side of the family). This is a terrible thing to have happen any time, but especially now at Christmastime.

May the Lord bless & protect you all this Christmas & in the coming year.

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