Friday, January 30, 2009

What I Know For Sure And Other Ramblings From A Half Insane Stay~At~Home~Mama

What I know for sure...

If your plane, train, boat or automobile came in a box, was assembled in your garage and is considered experimental, it is not air worthy, rail worthy, sea worthy or road worthy. DO NOT try to pilot ANY of these "models" and put the rest of us normal people in danger!

Being a Mother is the most wonderful thing in the world. You will never know how much you can love someone until you are called "Mommy". Your children will be sources of endless entertainment for you. They will also be the surest way to send you to the asylum.

If stupidity is something that drives you insane, you will be confronted with it on a daily basis. It will also usually be in situations where telling the person off is either highly inappropriate or will result in bad things happening to you.

Murphy's Law is real. Bad things really do happen to good people through no fault of their own and they always come in a series. It's like knocking down the first Domino in a line...everything behind it falls down.

Oprah does not rule the world, but if you get her to talk about you, your product or book, no matter how dumb, inferior, inexperienced or untrue it/you are, everyone will know about it and follow her lead. President Obama...need I say more?

Ramblings...I was going to concoct some witty repartee here, but I got nothing. I suppose I could blabber on about how Obama's inexperience is showing by his dumbass idea of throwing $900 billion dollars at a failed economy and letting bank/auto/stock brokerage houses have free reign on what to do with their bailout money, which they promptly used to give themselves $20 million dollar bonuses, but you can read a newspaper and find that out.

I could also tell you how I am waiting to hear the first Obamaite slam their dear leader for not fixing what can't be fixed, but a lot of us are waiting for that one. But I will be laughing my white, Irish heine off when that certain sector of our society, who always blames the government for their woes, starts blaming our first black President for them instead of "the rich white men". Then we will know that racial equality really has become a reality! The anticipation is electrifying...

My Mother has been in California for nearly a month now and hasn't screwed up yet. Or at least if she has, she is hiding it well. This week-end I may in fact do something I said I would never do...let my Mother meet my baby for the first time. My Husband wants to go visit his Mom. The Diva wants to see her Grandparents. They want to see her. We are all finally well enough that we wont risk getting my MIL sick if we visit. My Mother lives with them. It's unavoidable. I have to face it. It sucks. But there will be ground rules and if my Mother breaks them (which is bound to happen) I will pack up my family and leave without a word.

What really sucks about my Mother's new diggs, is that my dear Aunt Lyla and Uncle Bill, my Dad's younger brother, have told me that they will not come to The Diva's birthday party if my Mother is there. Because of things she did while my Daddy was dying of Cancer, they never want to lay eyes on her again. I understand this completely, however, they are as close to Grandparents from my side of the family as my young'un has ever had. She expects them to be there. I don't know how to tell her they wont be attending.

Uncle Bill did say that we would get together later to celebrate, but it's just not the same. And I cannot afford to pay for TWO birthday parties, one for Hub's side and my Mother and one for my Dad's side. I could just do what we have done the last 3 years and NOT tell the Hubs side about the party. But then my Mother will flip because she knows I always have a birthday party for my baby, I got that from her. OY! I am so conflicted over this. I really don't know what to do. Maybe we'll just take her to Disneyland. I think she's tall enough to go on some of the rides now...
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Bee and Rose said...

You...Me...complete agreement about Oprah...I have sworn off Oprah since she helped creepy socialist guy get elected.

Tricky bday situation..we go through that here too with my in-laws. Disneyland sounds like the perfect solution!

ChicagoLady said...

I used to love watching Oprah, now I can't stand to watch her.

Stupidity, I do encounter it daily, and it's enough to drive me insane.

I completely agree about Murphy's Law!

I'm hopeful the fact that even some Dems are having issues with this "stimulus" bill is a sign that it won't get passed in it's current form. There is so much pork I can hear the squealing in Chicago.

Good luck with your mother. I've always loved going to Disneyland when I've been in CA. I bet The Diva would love it just as much.

Rick said...

Hellor there Crazy. I just noticed that you became of follower on my blog. I am honored, truly. Stay "tooned" because I'm always posting a Copy and Share doodle for people to use and enjoy at their leisure. plus, my tender ego thrives on the attention that I get. Thank you very much.

Cheryl Podolsky said...

I truly feel for you. I, too, have a crazy mother, who has managed to insult pretty much everyone she's ever met, but if confronted with that fact (such as, in your case, explaining why certain relatives will not be at your daughter's party if she's there) goes ballistic and confronts whoever is the "offending" party. And of course, they back down, and make me look like a liar.

Hopefully, she did something this weekend which would have given you good reason to dis-invite her, keep her out of your life, and let a bit of peace into it.

I know it feels awful feeling that way (especially because people on the outside looking in don't always really know what she's like), but they've made it happen themselves. And you know the truth.


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