Friday, February 6, 2009

Rants About Things That Have Been Ticking Me Off Lately

Dear Google,

You suck right now. In the last two weeks, I have had to restart my system an average of 25 times per day because I keep getting messages of "Unable to reach Gmail. Please check your Internet connection" or "We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please wait while we try to connect". Well I have checked my Internet connection, and it's working just fine according to AT&T. I have even tried going into Firefox or Google Chrome to try to use the webby, thinking that it may be a problem with my preferred browser, Flock. I even held my nose and used Internet Explorer...I get the same messages in each browser I try.

As soon as pages start to take a long time to load, I know that you are having problems. Again. For the umpteenth time today. It is truly annoying. Do you think you could maybe get your geniuses over there to fix this glitch? I'm not the only one who is having "issues". During one of the few times this week that I was able to browse the 'net for longer than 10 minutes, I "Googled" "What's wrong with Google lately?". I got more than 100 hundred pages of people complaining about not being able to connect and getting error messages. And here is something you may find interesting, it's not just a U.S. problem. Consumers in the U.K. are having the same difficulties. All the entries were recent and one was even titled "Nine Year Old Google Having Growing Pains".

Google, you are a brand name. "Google it" or "I just Googled" has even ended up in the dialogue of major motion pictures. Not only that, you are now a verb. How many times does someone say "Just Google it"? You are usually such a wonderful search engine, able to help me find many things I didn't even know I was looking for, but you've changed.

So, what's up there, Buttercup? Do you need to talk to someone about your current "issues"? Is it possible you need a med change? Have your resident nerds geniuses lost their magic? Do you need help? I'm here if you ever want to talk.

These problems you are having don't just affect you, they affect everyone around you. They are severely limiting my ability to check/send emails, enter contests, check my bank balance and, more importantly, blog. The glitches, hiccups and technical difficulties are messing with my blogging mojo, and that isn't going to be tolerated here. I really think you should have this stuff checked out by a professional. Or better yet, why don't you just GOOGLE IT???!!!

Dear Oprah,

I realize that January was a busy month for you, what with revealing the truth about your weight, subsequent depression and President Obama's Inauguration and all...let's face it YOU were instrumental in getting him elected with your "Oprah Stamp of Approval", but I was very disappointed that you, the "voice" for many American women, completely ignored that January was National Cervical Cancer/Cervical Health Awareness Month. You have dedicated yourself to women's issues, and yet this very real and extremely deadly and devastating disease was not once mentioned on your show the entire month.

I concede that I could have missed it, I am a SAHM and therefore busy with the raising and rearing of my almost 4 year old daughter, but I really don't think so. You did a whole show on October 1st about Breast Cancer, including an interview with Christina Applegate. You mention other diseases that affect women and children in an effort to raise awareness of them, but not a word about Cervical Cancer or HPV Disease, which, by the way is the most prevalent and insidious sexually transmitted disease out there. Is it because there are no celebrities that have come out and announced their affliction with it or is it because it is too easily confused with HIV? Or maybe it is because in a lot of cases it only results in the loss of the woman's fertility and ability to carry a baby to term?

I really am confused by this one. Truly. Maybe if the Gardasil vaccination, which, by the way is the FIRST EVER shot to prevent CANCER, wasn't so controversial and debated by the religious right as not being something a "real" Christian would have given to their daughters, you would do an entire show about it, just like you did for Breast Cancer. Maybe if Cervical Cancer had a higher profile, celebrity endorsements and ad campaigns you would take notice. But that won't happen until someone like you talks about this disease. I am a survivor. I will never be able to have another child because of the surgeries I had to rid my body of this cancer. It still hurts. I am glad to be alive. I am happy I am still here to raise my baby and watch her grow. I don't even mind the insanity she is causing me all that much. But I want this disease to be known and eradicated. I don't want another woman to go through what I did. There but for the Grace of God, go I.

You could help raise awareness. It's simple. People listen to you. Hell, because of your resounding endorsement, we now have the most inexperienced President, ever. Not to mention that he hails from the most politically crooked state in The Union AND has surrounded himself with an even more immoral, incompetent and boneheaded Cabinet. But he's a black man and that negates everything else, right? Don't get me wrong, I am not racist in any way. My husband is Hispanic and I have an "adopted" black brother, but I digress... I tend to vote for the most qualified candidate. Their gender, race or sexual preference makes no never mind to me. All I care about is if they can get the job done right. Again, I digress, sorry.

Did none of your staff even mention to you the other goings on in January? We are now 6 days into February and I honestly expect you to make mention of the "Go Red" campaign for heart disease. Every ABC soap opera is incorporating Campbell's Healthy Request/Heart Healthy soups into their scene dialogue AND they are doing PSA's at the end of each show with one of the popular actresses wearing a red gown. You have even done PSA's for the digital conversion of television signals. So why ignore Cervical Cancer? It doesn't make any sense to me. Oh, well, if Oprah doesn't mention it, then I guess it's not all that important, right?
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ChicagoLady said...

Awesome! I think you should really send that letter to Oprah! She deserves that rant!

February is also Black History Month, has she mentioned that yet? If not, I'm amazed!

Seeker said...

I second that motion...send that letter to Oprah....this disease merits something...right? RIGHT!!!!

LadyStyx said...

Im gonna third this.

Queenie Jeannie said...

OK, I'm going to inspire alot of wrath here........

I couldn't give a fig less if Oprah says/doesn't say, does/doesn't do ANYTHING. I just don't care. I don't buy books because she says so. I don't not eat something because her latest diet fad forbids it. I.Just.Don't.Care.About.Oprah.

There. I've said it. I can think for myself - so thanks but no thanks Oprah!


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