Thursday, March 12, 2009

MySpace And Twitter And Facebook, Oh My!

MySpace and Twitter
And Facebook, Oh My!
All this technology
Takes up my time

I must blog this, I should tweet that
Dot com, dot net, dot org
All these addresses
Will turn us into The Borg

I just need a needle
To stick in my vein
So I can connect my PC
Direct to my brain

My bloggy needs a new post
My MySpace mood needs updating
I have followers yo
I can't keep them waiting

My house is a mess
The laundry needs doing
I should be cooking
What's the baby doing?

I have to figure out
How all this works
I need more exposure
For all my life's work

I'm mainlined in
To my Internet connection
I am trying in vain to
Find a direction

There is a group I must join
An article to read
All this social media
Makes me feel like a fiend

Did I get any comments
On my new bloggy post?
Am I the author
They all like the most?

On MySpace and Facebook
I must approve friends
Isn't it all about how many
We have in the end?

Strangers are following
My every tweet
Do they really want to know
The last time I peed?

My moods are important
To virtual friends
I'm crazy and nutty
And never fit in

They all want to know
What's in my brain
Would it scare them to know
I am half way insane?

The day is now gone
The house is still filthy
The laundry still sits
Getting it done is still iffy

Did my daughter get fed?
Does she still know my face?
I am just a mere Hobbit
In this virtual race

I try to turn off
This stupid PC
It's always for naught
The damn thing's hypnotized me

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LadyStyx said...

Too true, too true!

Bee and Rose said...

"I have followers yo!" LOL!!!

That was FANTASTIC! Props to you, girl!!! I haven't attempted MySpace or Facebook. I did sign up for Twitter, but haven't had time to figure it out yet. It really is overwhelming!

This is like a Blog Anthem! I love it!

(sorry I've been MIA..Cat whacked of her bangs Wednesday Mia Farrow style and had a performance yesterday so it's been a nightmare couple of days trying to straighten out the hair drama! Has Baby Roca done anything like that yet? My google reader just threw up all over me!)

Queenie Jeannie said...

Very cute!

I have days like that, and then days when I'm hardly on at all. It's all about balance, yo!

ChicagoLady said...

You will be assimilated!


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