Saturday, May 9, 2009

Shan's Week~End Wordles

Welcome to another edition of
This week's Wordles
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My lament as to why I am not getting any comment love lately. I have outpatient therapy group members,
followers, so what gives? Something I said? I'm lonely. I think I need a hug...

My Wordle

This week's Political/Current Events Wordle

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Vickie said...

Sorry about your comments going down. I have four regular readers who stopped coming to visit. I was kind of bummed, but I have other friends:)

The biggest word in the political wordle is FBI. A oh!

Hey, in this issue of Scrapbook, etc. The editor has an article of her monthly loves and this month is WORDLE.NET

Lora said...

:( I'm sorry you're not getting comment love! Here's a hug... )))you and your blog(((

LadyStyx said...

Got iggy hooked up. Poor guy's tired from playing tour guide this weekend.

Thanks for getting me hooked up. Been through to visit all those that played.

I hear ya on the lack of bloggy love. There are entries I write that get barely any love at all. Depends on the topic I choose and how busy people get. With the warm weather coming, people are less likely to be spending time at their computers.

Intense Guy said...

*Hugs* *Hugs* *Hugs* *Hugs* *Hugs*


Thanks for linking me, LadyStyx!

I have trouble getting to this blog - it takes a while (I mean 5 minutes or more) to load - I have very slow dial-up and I think the google ads take forever.

But ---

*Hugs* *Hugs* *Hugs* *Hugs* *Hugs*

I always wait patiently to see your wordles! The political one nearly screams for the return of Dirty Harry!

Bee and Rose said...


(I have been fairly absent from blogging these last few weeks due to the care and maintenance of heart patient hubster with the broken leg:) I throw up a post and that's about all I can get done!)

I love ya and promise that this week I will be back to my regular commenting ways here!!!

Jodi said...

Thanks so much for letting me join in on the Wordles fun! I really enjoyed yours too! Hope you had a great weekend and have a great week!

Brea's Mommy said...

This sounds really interesting. I will have to look into it more. Thanks for sharing.


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