Saturday, May 2, 2009

Shan's Week~End Wordles

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This week's Wordles
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This week's Political/Current Events Wordle

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1. Queenie Jeannie
2. Dawn (Bee and Rose)
3. LadyStyx
4. Heather@ButIDon'tWant2bACowboy
5. Lora
6. Megan @ INfertile Myrtle
7. Vickie
8. Ashley @ Let Go, Laughing
9. Rae Ann
10. IntenseGuy

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Bee and Rose said...

I love that Margarita has such prominence! Kind of sums it all up, eh? lol!

Megan said...

I see margarita...yup, I think I'd like one of those. ;0)

Vickie said...

Ah oh, I see the word swine. You know in Isreal they call it the Mexican Flu. They prefer not to call it swine flu.

I see that your little words are hard to see too. I thought it was just my wordles:)

LadyStyx said...

Can I have a dacquari instead?

No comment on the political one.

Intense Guy said...

Mexico gots lots of publicity this past week... not much of it good.


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