Sunday, June 7, 2009

Let's Show Some Bloggy Love To One Of Our Own...

~*~*~ Is ANYONE in the Rochester, MN area? ~*~*~

Karen Mosely {I know her as Jo} is one of my followers. I was extremely saddened to hear about her situation this morning {I am a cancer survivor myself}. I love each and every one of my followers. You are so kind to take the time to read my bloggy and sometimes comment. I am quite guilty of stalking most of you from my Google Reader, including Jo. I do keep up with all of your blogs, I just can't always comment. The last post Jo made was that she was going to see the surgeon to talk about getting a double mastectomy scheduled. That was June 3rd. This morning I saw this on Jeannie's blog:

This is the first emergency, and hopefully the only, we have sent out. Many of you know Karen Jo Mosely or @peasandluvfrmJO We sent out a Spirit Jump request for her recently and many of you responded. Today I woke up so some very upsetting news.This is the first email I read today:

"Hi there,

I just spoke with @peasandluvfrmJO (Karen Mosely who posted the following tweet about an hour ago:

"recovering from Radical mastectomy. Can ANYBODY send me a balloon or flowers? (*email me for phone number*) I feel so alone in this world. crying now. bye JO"

She is a Spirit Jumper who is definitely in need. She is an amputee and had to drive herself to the hospital for surgery and is all alone, with no family to be with her. She has 2 cats that a neighbor is taking care of. She will be in the hospital for at least a couple more days and was in much pain when I spoke with her. She mentioned that she is looking for someone who could make a quilt for her, maybe even a joint effort. I don't really sew, but if you come up with any ideas, perhaps I can help in some way....."

I just spoke with her on the phone and she is in such pain physically and emotionally. She drove herself to the hospital, had major surgery and not one person has visited or called her. After she sent her tweet, two people called her which warmed her heart and I thank those two amazing people from the bottom of my heart! But we can and need to do more than that. If anyone is in the area could you PLEASE visit her at the hospital. She is staying at Methodist Hospital near the Mayo clinic in Rochester MN. Her room # is 6407. Right now she is all alone, no cards, no flowers NOTHING but the few phone calls received because she was brave enough to reach out to others. If you have 5 minutes today please call her. If you have the ability send flowers or balloon that would be WONDERFUL. If you want to send a card to her home I can get you that info as well. Right now we need some immediate action. One of our fellow fighters is in pain and ALONE. The pain we can't do anything about but the ALONE we can fix!Please email me back letting me know if you can help in anyway!


Let's show some bloggy love to one of our own...Can you call? Can you visit? Do you quilt or know someone who does? Can you send a card? Can you tweet or post about this? Please help us, help Meaghan to reach out to this lovely woman who has not lost her spirit or faith despite her many hardships.

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LadyStyx said...

Send me her addy...I'll get a card for her while I'm out on Thursday.

Michelle said...

I'd love to send a card... would you send her address? Thank you for doing this!

Jo's Corner said...

I just found this today! How SWEET are you for blogging about my situation! I really Appreciate it. That infamous, VERY drugged Tweet about the balloons is still embarassing, but I was SO BLESSED by the 40+ balloons & the flowers and beautiful cards that I received! Thank You, for being a voice for me, when I couldn't do it myself! Love, Jo


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