Friday, September 25, 2009

Blog Trolls...Do They Really Think They're Anonymous? Part Deux

Yep, they're back again. Will they ever learn? Not bloody likely.

I hope you are enjoying yourselves. And yes, I know that the BIL was on my blog yesterday morning {Because the SIL sent him links to posts in an email. And yes, I can see that , too. It's called a referring link.} FROM WORK.
At 10:36 am and he stayed on my site for 17 mins 14 secs. {My StatCounter shows the name of the company he works for as the owner of the IP address.}

Do neither of you ever actually work while you are at the office?

Oh and lookie there, my SIL was back on my blog again last night {September 24th} at 10:43:44 PM and the last activity was at 11:21:41 PM. I suppose it could have been my BIL because they do live in the same city, but I doubt it. In any case she is apparently enamoured with me, my blog and my stellar writing abilities.

As she should be. I'm awesome!

You cannot hide the fact that you have been trolling my blog looking for...what? Am I that fascinating to you? There is no ammo anywhere on this blog you can use against me. It's all the truth and/or my {And my Husband's} personal opinion or belief. Like it or lump it, baby. Oh, my Liar, Liar post? The one you can't stop reading? {Along with the rant I did because my Husband had pissed me off one day.} Yeah, everything in it regarding our Husband and I made those decisions together. Actually, they were both his ideas.

So if your goal is to try to use anything on my blog against me, you will fail miserably. Just sayin...

Don't forget my blog and all it's contents are copyrighted. You cannot copy or download anything from it without my express permission, which, of course, you don't have. It's just a friendly reminder.

I guess I should be flattered. LMAO My stats keep increasing and that means more PR will be noticing me and my Google page rank will increase. Woo Hoo!

WOW!! Cyberstalkers in my own family. Whod've thunk it? I wonder if they know it's against the law to cyberstalk someone? TEE HEE


The OmniCouple said...

Yikes. My family reads my blogs, my parents most regularly, but I don't mind. My parent's are very proud of my blogs and success. I'm sorry to hear that someone in your family is coming, but not out of pride for you/your blog. Bummer.

Janelle said...

Ha ha! I'm "de lurking" myself because I think this post is going to keep me going all day at work. I plan on clicking all your links and stuff to find out what the heck your SIL is looking at.

I just wanted to say thanks, I needed something to do today at work other than work. :)

LadyStyx said...

Wow. Cyberstalkers. And family members no less. Shit, I can't even GET my family to even PEEK in my blog. One of the reasons I started it in the FIRST PLACE was so there'd be no more "I didn't know that (insert current medical, emotional, vehicular, etc etc problem here)was happening! What didn't you SAY so??" Well I did, in my blog. Try visiting it once in a while and you'll know where my damned brain is these days. *sigh*

*goes back off to my corner to thunk my head against the wall some more*


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