Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It is supposed to be Fall, right?

OK, I know the official start of Autumn was September 21st (or was it 22nd?). Anyway, I would have put up a Fall greeting then, but it was 101*F where I live & I just wasn't feeling all that Autumnal. Here we are a month later & yep, you guessed it, it is 100*F, again! I figured it was now or never to do this, before it was Winter & Christmastime (or what passes for that here in SoCal).

I so want to win the lottery or jack that Publisher's
Clearing House guy with the big check so I can buy a house & move my family to New Hampshire where they have actual seasons. At least there you can have a White Christmas & make snow angels & a snowman in the front yard. It would be better than what we have here. Two seasons. Sweat your a** off hot (& get blown away by the Santa Ana winds at the same time) & freeze your heiney off cold (& also get blown away by the Santa Ana winds)

Sometimes I truly believe that Mother Nature has PMS & could really just use
some industrial strength Midol to make her feel better!! Oh, I also think she hates trailer parks & that is why they always get destroyed in tornadoes! You should not be able to hook your house up to the back of a truck & move it to a new location!!

Yes, I am a little bit left of center, but you knew that already!

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