Saturday, March 21, 2009

Shan's Week~End Wordles

Welcome to another edition of Shan's Week~End Wordles. Please go here for instructions on how to participate. Don't forget to sign our Mr. Linky below and please link back to me here at Last Shreds Of Sanity in your Shan's Week~End Wordles posts.

Thank you for joining our
Shan's Week~End Wordles meme. I hope you have as much fun making your Wordles as I do making mine each week. Don't forget to leave a comment after signing Mr. Linky.


Bee and Rose said...

Wordle is up and ready! I had lots of interest in the wordles last weekend! I bet the wordle movement is beginning to grow!

Megan said...

Liking the Wordles! =)

Mine is up, too.

susette said...

I'm coming over from Blog Stalkers Unite, asking for your help. I am in the running for a round trip airfare paid ticket to Connecticut, to meet a friend I became acquainted with through blogging. She is a super fun person and is holding this contest. I entered a funny story titled "Grapejuice Floaties, Now Marry Me." The person whose story receives the most votes will win a trip to meet this generous lady, whom I'm hoping to meet. The voting ends tonight I believe. I am ahead for now but there is a story coming up from behind out of nowhere and I would so, so, appreciate your help. Her blog is and the voting is on the sidebar on the right. "Grapejuice, Floaties" Just go there and cast a vote for me, please. Thanks so much-you're awesome! ♥

LadyStyx said...

Thanks so very much for getting the link up for me sweetie. I'm ~just~ getting up (dang nightshift)and had to skip a few things in my daily pattern (which is gonna throw me off the rest of the day) just to get in here. I've made my trip through everyone's Wordles and let em know I was in and peeked. The game's doing ok. We've doubled since you started this. By next month, I suspect we'll have at least a third again as many.


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